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Certified Organization / Personnel

The search provides information on organisation / personnel which have been independently certified by Catholic Accredited Bodies.

These include :

  • Management Systems certifications (such as QMS, EMS and OH&S, FSMS and ISMS)
  • Product certifications
  • Greenhouse Gases Validation and Verification certifications.
  • Product certification
  • Inspection

The Certified Organisation search currently provides location information for the primary office (that is, the headquarters) of each certified organisation. If you require further location information on any of the certified organisations listed, please contact the certification Body that provided the certification services to that organisation.


Catholic provides the certified organisation search as a public service, using the certified organisation information as submitted by Accredited Bodies, advises on the format to use for this information, but the content provided is solely the responsibility of the Accredited Bodies.

You can find out whether the organization / personnel has been certified by a certification body which is accredited by Catholic or not by typing the name of the certification in the space below.

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